ATOMIC ENTERTAINMENT creates and produces fun, information-driven shows for a global audience. Atomic received our first Emmy nomination for BRAIN GAMES, the 52-episode global hit series we created and Executive Produced for National Geographic Channel. Atomic's programs air in over 150 territories worldwide - often setting ratings records - and are translated into more than 30 languages.

brain games


internet ruined my life

SyFyThe Internet Ruined My LIfe

queer eye

BRAVO Queer Eye


TRIBECA FILM FESTIVAL 2016 14 Minutes from Earth


BRAIN GAMES (Six Seasons, Emmy Nomination, Creators, Executive Producers and Head Writers)
"With nearly a thousand choices of what to watch on TV, not to mention the constant inundation from the Internet, it is any wonder that our brains work at all. Now, along comes “Brain Games” to save us. I had the best time." - New York Post

"Hype and hokiness aside, some reality shows are appealing because they seem real. Sometimes a little kindness is preferable to a freak show...on Confessions of a Matchmaker, heart is what counts." - New York Times

14 MINUTES FROM EARTH (Executive Producers and Directors, Tribeca Documentary Selection, 2016)
"The complete harrowing process of dropping 135,000 feet from space, from the initial plans sketched on a napkin three years prior, to the final customized suit, is captured in the 85-minute film, 14 Minutes from Earth." -

"14 Minutes from Earth is a story worth deserves and earns your steadfast attention" -

"The footage of all the jumps that led up to the big one are spectacular to see, and the explanation of all the tiny details that go into something like this is a reminder of how ingenious humans can be." - Los Angeles Times

JUST FRIENDS (Feature Film, written by Adam Davis)
"A barbed romantic comedy featuring Ryan Reynolds and Anna Faris, Just Friends is a welcome antidote to the usual seasonal sweetness." - Globe and Mail

"Any movie that sets Santa on fire is okay by me." Washington Post

ONLY FOR GOD: INSIDE HASIDISM (Creator & Producer, National Geographic Channel)
"To do justice to the powers of "Only for God: Inside Hasidism"would require more space than a column. A documentary that addresses this subject without condescension is a rarity. An extraordinary hour" - Wall Street Journal

Atomic's team have been an integral part of hundreds of hours of highly rated and easily recognized content, including BRAIN GAMES on National Geographic Channel, SyFy's THE INTERNET RUINED MY LIFE, A&E’s INKED, the film JUST FRIENDS, Bravo’s QUEER EYE FOR THE STRAIGHT GUY, the space dive documentary 14 MINUTES FROM EARTH (Premieres at Tribeca International Film Festival April 2016), and multiple series launches for National Geographic Channel.

The Atomic team is proud of our collaborative approach to creating smart, addictive entertainment.